Large Hares

Using wool felt, I create colourful hares which are decorated with applique felt designs and beading. All the wool felt blend used meets EN71 safety standards. The large hare measures, 22 inches in length and at its widest point is 8 inches and is filled with non-toxic safety toy filling. Fragrant lavender can also be added to the filling if desired. Each hare is unique in colour and design and is often decorated with applique flowers or seasonal scenes. The hares look good displayed on a bed or chair, amongst cushions or on a book shelf.

I am also happy to accept commissions to create a hare to your specifications.

Small Hares

The smaller hares can be made using wool felt or Ecofi which is felt made from recycled plastic bottles and can be made in a range of colours. The hares have a ribbon or plaited yarn loop to enable them to be hung as a decoration. The hares can be filled with toy filling or can be filled with fragrant lavender.

Lavender Bags

A range of fragrant felt lavender bags. Designs include colourful hares, cats, bees, trees and scenes of Glastonbury Tor. All either have a ribbon or yarn plaited loop to enable them to be hung as a decoration.

Felt Applique Cushions

A range of vibrant and colourful, wool felt blend cushions. Designs include crazy patchwork with applique, using beads and buttons or images of cats, hares, elephants and flowers. Each cushion is hand sewn. Cushions are made in a range of sizes and can also be made using felt which is recycled fromĀ  plastic bottles. Lavender can be added to the filling if desired.

Felt Applique Cards

Each card is unique, with each piece being hand cut, hand sewn, embroidered and embellished with beads and buttons. Current designs include images of cats, hares, bees, trees, the Glastonbury Tor and seasonal scenes.

Shopping Bags

Tote shopping bags 14 inch by 16 inch. Each bag is decorated with hand sewn felt applique and fully lined with colourful fabric. The shopping bags are designed to be reversible. The bags come in a range of colours or the standard neutral. Designs include images of cats, dogs, hares, flowers & bees and the Glastonbury Tor.