Why is your business called Happy Hares of Glastonbury?

A question I get asked a lot is why is your business called Happy Hares of Glastonbury? A bit of a long story but here goes!

I have always been enchanted by Hares and my home is full of paintings and sculptures of hares. I love the myths that surround them. The symbol of the moon gazing hare appears universal, with the hare having a long history as a sacred animal, associated with transformation, rebirth and the coming of spring and being sacred to the spring goddess Ostara, who was said to change into a hare at the full moon. So it was natural that when I began crafting again, the first item I made was an applique felt hare! And in a sense it really was transformational as it opened up a whole new world of crafting to me!

Since that first hare I have made a whole range of applique hares, lavender bags shaped like hares, cushions and cards with hare motifs and felt and primitive art doll hares. I love making them and noticed at craft fairs that they often bring a smile to people’s faces. So there you have it……..I live in Glastonbury and I happily make hares that I hope make other people happy!