Creating with felt

I vividly remember making a felt toy dog, as a child, at school and how proud I was to take it home and present it to my Mum. Amazingly somewhere in the attic that same dog still exists! I always associated felt with school and actually it is a great fabric for children to craft with as it is easy to cut, does not fray and can be stitched easily. In fact Felt is one of the most ancient textiles known to humankind, predating weaving and knitting and used in crafts all over the world.

Getting back into crafting as an adult I discovered felt again and quickly realised it was a wonderful, versatile fabric to work with, especially for the folk art that inspires me. Folk art is characterised by a naïve, simple style, not intended to look realistic, and employs bold colours .Felt is an ideal fabric for this style of work and is especially good for applique, a decorative technique of sewing fabric shapes onto another piece of fabric, which is very popular in folk art and crazy patchwork, where irregular shapes are sewn together and embellished with applique and beads and buttons.  I especially love the range of vibrant rich colours that felt comes in and it’s wonderful soft texture which I believe really lends itself to making unique toys, cushions, bags and wall hangings and not just toy dogs !.